High Performance Semi-Annual Program
(6 months with accommodation & full-board)

  • Program length: 6 months
  • Age range: 11–25 years
  • 4 hours of tennis, 2 hours of fitness per day
  • Players-to-coach-ratio: 2–3 players per coach
  • Languages: English and Spanish

The High Performance Semi-Annual Program in Academia Tenis Ferrer (ATF) for children from 11 years old is based on a systematic methodology to develop world class players, and has been in constant development for more than 20 years.

In Ferrer Tennis Academy, coaches like the family treatment, and that’s why they only admit 2 or 3 players per court.

The determining factor in close matches is how the players handle the mental game. ATF offers a mental preparation program based on scientifically proven sports psychology. Their intensive training prepares you to achieve your maximum performance and win championships.

  • 6× Clay courts
  • 3× Hard courts
AvailabilityWhat is included?Typical training week

This program will provide you with year-round training in the Academia Tenis Ferrer under the supervision of the best coaches. Tennis and fitness training, full board, accommodation... a complete package for your development as a tennis player for the price of 17 364 € per 6 months.

What is included?Typical training week