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  • Players – send us any questions about our partnering tennis academies and their specific programs.
  • Parents – best solutions to combine family holidays and tennis training for your kids.
  • Coaches – please check out newly launched coaching courses.
  • Blogs and eshops – if you run a tennis-themed website, we have an affiliate program for you.

Our team


Stan has been playing tennis since 3 years old and has always dreamed about doing something great in tennis - else than winning Grand Slams :-) He helped organizing committees of various professional tennis events (Fed Cup, Laver Cup, ATP Tour) while working as a Project Manager in IT sector.

By launching tennis-academies.com, Stan uses his experience both from tennis and web development to offer the best booking solution for sports academies, allowing tennis players to save time needed to choose the most suitable tennis academy for their career.


Petr's long-term focus has been on providing complete data solutions in areas of tagging, skip tracing, image annotation, and lead generation. He met Stan while working for the same IT company in Prague. They immediately got along through their mutual passion for tennis… and Pilsner Urquell beer :-)

When Stan began with the idea of booking platform for tennis academies, Petr was the first on board. He took care of the whole market research of 240 European tennis academies. Currently he is responsible for the setup of affiliate program designated for tennis-oriented websites and blogs.

Lead programmer

Martin started with signmaking (as follower of his parents) with specialization on digital printing. Now he is focused on web frontend development, web design, UI & UX design and still partly on graphic design and digital printing. He is a colleague of Stan in Czech-based IT company and his eye for detail was crucial for the development of tennis-academies.com website.

The whole frontend part of the website is basically Martin's child. He made sure that not only graphics came to life, but designed the architecture and logics of our state-of-art search engine. His enthusiasm allows us to provide a well-designed platform for all avid tennis players.


Jakub comes from Slovakia and knows tennis from various points of view. On the one hand, he is a licensed trainer himself who has worked in Oslo, Norway for over 4 years. In several tennis clubs, he combined coaching with the function of marketing coordinator, which eventually brought him to our team.

Jakub is responsible for the brand identity of our platform, takes care of newsletters, social networks and develops marketing cooperation with our partner academies.

Honorable mentions

  • Bee – backend development, CMS configuration and DevOps
  • Ondřej – wireframes and UX
  • Štěpán – web design, photo editing
  • Christian – editor, copywriter
  • Míša & Radek – video editing

Thank you all!