Kids Group Training U8
(no accommodation)

  • Age range: 7–8 years
  • 1–1.5 hours of tennis per day
  • Players-to-coach-ratio: 4 players per coach
  • Languages: English, Slovakian and Russian

Trainings are arranged based on individual agreement with parents and during times where it is possible to combine school activities and tennis trainings.

Programs under 8 are focused on:

  • basic strokes (forehand, backhand)
  • movement to all sides
  • correct standing during strokes
  • basics of serve

It is important to realize that kids who attend school on daily basis go from moving and playing all day long to sitting around 5-6 hours in school. It is our recommendation to move (have practice) every afternoon.

  • 6× Clay courts
  • 2× Hard courts
  • 4× Indoor courts
AvailabilityWhat is included?Typical training week

This program is currently not available, check out other offers of the academy.

What is included?Typical training week